Wheel Stops


Wheel Stops are an essential part of any car park, designed to inhibit encroachment into an opposing space, or contact with a building or high kerb. Our recycled rubber stops have been designed as an economical and durable alternative to the cumbersome concrete style.


Our rubber wheel stops weigh 17kg against nearly 104kg of concrete. This means one person alone can install our wheel stops against two people with lifting equipment for its concrete counterpart, a considerable cost saving.

Rubber Wheel Stop

The wheelstop is moulded from a tough, recycled rubber compound and is finished with a highly visible yellow hazard pattern. it comes in two different lengths of 1650mm and 2000mm long. it is 100m high to comply with the recently updated New Zealand and Australian Standard AS2890.1:2004. There are three 35mm diameter fixing points on the 1650mm wheel stop and four on the 2000mm, all recessed to hide the fixings.

The unit can be supplied complete with fixings, simply specify the type of surface-concrete or bitumen.

SPECIFICATIONS – Rubber Wheel Stop

Length 1650mm or 2000mm
Height 100mm
Width 160mm (at base)
Weight 17kg or 22kg
Fixing Hole 3 or 4 20mm dia.
Dia. Fixing points


Part No. Style

WS1650 Rubber Wheel Stop 1650mm
WS1650P Rubber Wheel Stop 1650mm

Plain – No Branding

WS2000 Rubber Wheel Stop 2000mm
WS2000P Rubber Wheel Stop 2000mm

Plain – No Branding

Road Spike 300 M12 x 300mm
780 Bondurox C 700g Sausage


Australian standards require that car wheel stops be provided wherever it is necessary to limit the travel of a vehicle manoeuvring into a parking space.

Examples where wheel stops should be provided include:

  • Preventing damage to vehicles and property
  • To control kerb overhang where this would inconvenience or be hazardous to pedestrians.
  • Protecting vegetation and garden areas from vehicles
  • Restricting a vehicle to a designated parking space

Wheel stops are the cost effective yet durable solution for parking bays, building protection and delineation.

Group One offers a comprehensive range of quality wheel stops in concrete and rubber