Commercial Bike Racks

commercial bike racks

Group1 can supply an extensive range of Commercial standard bicycle parking systems that are designed to support the bicycle frame (not wheel) and allow locking of the bike frame and wheels to the rack. All commercial bike Racks comply with AS2890.3 guidelines and can be used towards earning Green Star points.

All Group1 Supplied Racks are designed in Australia, fully welded for vandal resistance, shipped as one piece with no assembly required, include all fixings, and are Guaranteed for 15 years!

If you only require home storage products, go to our Home Bike Storage page, otherwise, select from our Commercial range below.

Galvanized, stainless, core in place, bolt down and anti-theft bolts all bike racks installed to Australian standards and can be power coated in any color:

  • Wave Bike Racks
  • Hoop Bike Racks
  • Tunnel Bike Racks
  • Key Hole Bike Racks
  • Compact 4 Berth Bike Racks
  • Shark Fin Bicycle Rack
  • Wall Mount Bike hanger
  • Wall Mount Bike Cradle