Wheel Stops

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Wheel Stops

Wheel Stops are ideal for effective delineation of parking areas and are used for the protection of walls, gardens, vehicles and other areas. Wheel stops are used extensively in airports, hotels, hospitals, stadiums, schools, shopping centres, municipal car parks, train stations, industrial buildings and public and private parking facilities. Wheel stops are an essential part of any car park, designed to inhibit encroachment into an opposing parking space, or contact with a building or high kerb.

All Wheel Stops are made from recycled rubber with stringent quality control measures during manufacturing, ensuring all are created equal. Wheel Stops are compliant with Australian and New Zealand safety standards to minimise the exposure of risk to your facility.

Case Study:


There was a recent court case in Sydney where a lady after parking her car tripped over a non-compliant Wheel Stop injuring herself. She subsequently sued the building property owner for damages totalling $150,000. The case took over 4 years to resolve with an out of court settlement finally reached, resulting in excessive loss of time and costs to the property owner.

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