Rhino Stop

Rhino Stop

Increase the safety of your workplace thanks to the innovative, advanced, and effective installations from Group One Line Marking. Proudly offering a wide range of commercial and industrial safety products our skilled and knowledgeable team can make environments across Sydney safer for less.

Thanks to their resilience and versatility our guardrails complement walkways, separate pedestrians from moving vehicles, and help protect fixed equipment. Armco guardrails are available in the standard galvanized finish or a powder coated colour of the customer’s choice.

The many applications of Armco Guardrail include:

  • Protection from Forklift & vehicle impact in and around factories and warehouses
  • Protective & delineation barrier in car parks
  • Pedestrian assistance/barrier when fixed with handrail
  • Abutments, boulders, trees, posts, creeks or drainage culverts
  • As a median barrier
  • Protection for Gas Tanks
  • Column and pole protection
  • Protective border for ramps and raised work areas
Rhino Stop
For the prompt and Professional Installation of Durable and visible safety bollards give Group One Line Marking a call today on
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