Railing and Protection Accessories

Railing And Protection Accessories
Railing and Protection Accessories

At Group One Line Marking we have the training and the experience to improve the safety of multiple environments across Sydney’s metro area.

Downpipe Guard protectors

Essential to the protection of your building and workers downpipe guard protectors offer additional safety from vehicle accidents or damage.

Boasting a modern and innovative design our Down Pipe Protectors and Corner Guards are made to suit your requirements. These installations can be fabricated using GAL plating, which is bent to form a complete cover, and to fit around down pipe or to protect a vulnerable corner from collision or unintended damage.

Bike Rails

Necessary for storing bikes and keeping them secure bike rail can be installed as a single unit or in clusters to accommodate for a varying number of bikes. They can be arranged in an unlimited variety of configurations to make optimal use of challenging spaces and environments. Our bike rails are designed to support the entire bike frame and each unit can accommodate up to two bikes, with one bike on each side of the rail.

Railing And Protection Accessories
Railing And Protection Accessories
Handrail safety

Group One can supply and install wall mounted handrails as well as handrails supported by posts. We also offer two designs for handrails that need to be installed on top of a rendered concrete or brick wall. Other customised handrail designs can be manufactured upon request by our skilled fabricators.

All our handrails are available in many classic designs in aluminium or stainless steel. Our stainless-steel handrails can be manufactured to any size in a round, square or rectangular shape. Our range of aluminium hand rails can be powder coated in any of the 110+ standard Dulux powder coat colours of your choice at no additional cost. To find out more about our professional and effective railing and protection accessories give us a call today on 1300 816 411.

For the prompt and Professional Installation of Durable and visible safety bollards give Group One Line Marking a call today on
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