Plastic Flexible Bollard
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Plastic Flexible Bollard

Our eSafety Plastic Flexible Bollard is great for traffic delineation as it guides vehicles away without harming the vehicle. Built from high polyurethane, this bollard will rebound back up in a situation where a vehicle drives over it.

This bollard is secured with four fixings which are available below.

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Flexible Bollards in Australia

Our Flexible Knock Down Bollard is great for deterrence, but not recommended for asset protection. This flexible bollard will bounce back after being knocked down and is most commonly seen in disabled parking bays and store-front entries. Our Flexible PVC Guide Post is made of high impact grade PVC dry blend, formulated for outdoor applications. It contains a UV absorber, which is recommended in applications that are directly exposure to the sun.

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  • Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Description Flexible Bollard
Material Plastic
Weight 1kg
Height 750mm
Diameter 75mm
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