Tact Tiles

There are 2 types of Tactiles- Directional and Hazard.

Both types of tactiles provide information to pedestrians but are mainly designed for persons with vision disabilities.

Directional tactiles are raised strips that provide pedestrians with a safe route to follow.
While Hazard tactiles are a raised nodule that warns of danger (such as an oncoming motor vehicle) but most importantly it provides the pedestrian with a warning of a change in direction.
Tactiles also enhance the visual appearance of your project as tactiles aren’t just for the visually impaired but are also designed to blend and beautify.

Tactiles can be installed on to many different surfaces or substrates including various types of tile, stone, timber, concrete and carpet to name a few

We offer a comprehensive service from design, estimation, through to roll out. Group One makes it easy by packaging together the required products and completing the installation at a time that best fits the project schedule.

Design & Quality Guaranteed

  • UV resistant anywhere in Australia
  • Unique Peel, Bond & Walk adhesive
  • Completely colour fast – will not fade
  • Meets all non-slip and material resistance requirements

All products meet current Australian Standard AS NZS 1428.4.1 – 2009 minimum luminance contrast and anti-slip requirements for access and mobility designed to assist the orientation of people with vision impairment.