Wheel Stops

Our precast concrete wheel stops are made from steel-reinforced concrete and adhere to all AS 2890.1-1993 specifications:

90 mm high and 1650 mm or 2000 mm long, two 30-mm-diameter holes are provided for fixing.

Australian standards require that car wheel stops be provided wherever it is necessary to limit the travel of a vehicle manoeuvring into a parking space.

Examples where wheel stops should be provided include:

  • Preventing damage to vehicles and property
  • To control kerb overhang where this would inconvenience or be hazardous to pedestrians.
  • Protecting vegetation and garden areas from vehicles
  • Restricting a vehicle to a designated parking space

Wheel stops are the cost effective yet durable solution for parking bays, building protection and delineation.

Group One offers a comprehensive range of quality wheel stops in concrete and rubber